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Class Break Until Monday July 11th: Online Students and FT. Lauderdale Nursing Students

by Lori Kaufman -

For ALL Online students, not in their Core Nursing Classes, and for the Ft. Lauderdale Nursing Students, you are on break until Monday July 11th, 2022.  On Monday, July 11th, your classes will start back up.   For Online students, you will see your new set of classes in Moodle. Please be sure to log in to Moodle on Monday July 11th.

Enjoy your break!

HCI College : Weekly Breakdown

by Catrina Leandre -


·         Week 11:                                                                                           March 20-March 26

·         Spring Break: Lecture No, Clinical Yes                                         March 27-April 2: Clinical YES

·         Week 12:                                                                                            April 3-9

·         Week 13:                                                                                            April 10-16

·         Week 14:                                                                                             April 17-23

·         Week 15:                                                                                             April 24-30

·         Break:                                                                                                  May 1-7

·         Week 1:                                                                                               May 8-14

Test Taking Strategies Scheduled for 3/1/2022

by Catrina Leandre -

Please join me for the Test Taking Strategies Scheduled for 3/1/2022.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

Appeals Process

by Catrina Leandre -

Appeals Process  Please see the attached document for the appeals process.  Incomplete appeals will not be processed. Appeals documents must be submitted by Wednesday, 12/29/2021, at 3:00pm EST.  Please disregard if you have already submitted your appeals documentation.Appeals decision letters will be emailed on Thursday,    12/30/2021, before 5:00pm EST.

Meeting with the Director
Please book a meeting for Wednesday 12/22/2021 if you have any questions or concerns.

You can now book and manage appointments using our booking page.


Becoming a Pediatric Nurse

by Catrina Leandre -

Below you will find three guides from our digital nursing publication, which detail how to become a pediatric nurse, about pediatric nurse salaries, and what to know about working as a pediatric nurse. We invite you to review them:

How to Become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 

Pediatric Nurse Salary Guide  

What to Know About Working as a Pediatric Nurse  

Working with children in healthcare is incredibly fulfilling, especially for young graduates of HCI College. Please share one or all three of these helpful free resources on the HCI website wherever would be easiest for them to find them - we found a great spot here:


by Catrina Leandre -

Hello Students,

Friendly Reminder.  

While on campus, students must wear uniforms.  


Catrina Leandre, MSN, RN

Director of Nursing

HCI College

1764 North Congress Ave. Suite 203

West Palm Beach, Fl 33409

561-570-8041. Ext.1011

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